I feel like it’s 2005 and this is Myspace so I need to create the most incredible “About Me”, but it’s not so I’ll try to be as cool as I was back then.

My name is Alison and I decided to create this blog to spread my love for the three things that I’ve always been most passionate about: Music, Sports, and Entertainment. I know those are broad categories, but I’ll try to share with you what I know and love about each one by breaking them down into specifics. So without further delay, here’s a little bit of background about me and my three favorites:



Music is arguably my number one love. It’s been an outlet for me at so many different points in my life. It made the biggest impact during the spring of my freshman year of high school when I was exposed to the world of the indie, emo, and punk rock genres. From then on my taste in music ranged all over the spectrum, as I tried to and continue to try to find new bands and new songs to get into. And yes, I did have a country phase. Not to mention, I can play drums, guitar, ukelele and some piano (I like to think 1 hand playing counts). Currently, I’ve been listening to a lot of bands in the indie genre so if you’ve heard of any new indie bands please let me know and I’ll do the same for you.



I grew up loving sports and I played a few too. From wanting to be the first female in the MLB when I was 7 to playing on three basketball teams when I was 12 to being a season ticket holder for the local minor league hockey team since 2001 and finally to anticipating the 2015 Women’s World Cup, my interests don’t reside in just one athletic activity. I participated in organized basketball, indoor soccer, and Little League baseball/tee ball during my youth. I coached/assistant coached grade school basketball for 10 straight seasons. I usually get at least one skiing session in during the winter and most recently I’ve fallen in love with long boarding. I do love sports and I plan on offering some news and information about my favorite sports, teams, and athletes.



I’m sure you all have favorite movies you love to watch over and over or TV shows that you can binge watch for hours on end. I do as well. I’ve had favorites in both that I believe will never get old and I can tell you about. Plus, there are constantly new and ever-changing television shows and films to spread the word on. The TV shows I watch span over many settings and topics, and I love movies that can make me laugh, inspire me, leave me speechless, or make me feel and think in an unexplainable way. They’re all visual stories. I want to share my take on them and those that make them possible. If you want to take it even further in entertainment, you can probably include books too, and although I do have my favorites, I’ll try to keep it strictly TV and film related.




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